Muesli, yoghurt and fruit


My favorite meal of the day has always been dinner. Ever since i was young, i used to enjoy my dinner and preferred it over any other meal. Lately i have been trying to be creative with breakfast (i.e trying to be health conscious haha!). I am a working mum and to be honest i never have time to sit down and have breakfast. I usually have breakfast on the go thanks to Timmy who drives me to work sometimes. Muesli, fruit and yoghurt has always been my go to because its the easiest to put together in under 2 minutes.  It may not be obvious why i love muesli but its high in fiber, packs less sugar than other cereals and its super filling. My favorite brand is the jungle energy crunch tropical which is packed with all sorts of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Top that with plain yoghurt and add some berries and you have got yourself a winner. If you have a sweet tooth then add a bit of honey and i promise you, your morning will be made.

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