Taking steps to a new you

First and foremost let me say, happy new year! 2017 was such a roller coaster ride for me however,   i managed to pull through. In welcoming the new year, people often tend to write new years  resolutions which after 2 weeks they drop. This has resulted in the popular belief that new years resolutions do not work. Well ladies and gentlemen, it is true, new years resolutions do not work unless you put in the work. Dreams do not work unless you work. Losing weight does not happen unless you eat right and exercise. That dream house that you want, you have to push till you get it. Every single thing you want, you have to work for it. The reason why most resolutions fail  is because we set ourselves for failure. We set goals that are unattainable and at the end of the day give up. This year i decided i was going to take baby steps with regards to my goals for the year and so far, its been going well.

If you have a goal break it up into smaller goals and work on achieving one small goal at a time. Say for example you want to grow your readers or create more content so that by the end of the year you have traffic of 12000 readers following, you have to break that goal to atleast a thousand readers every month and to get the thousand readers per month you have to work hard and be consistent. Do not be in a rush to see results, but push to get the results.

I have so many posts  and ideas for this blog  in the pipeline so hopefully in the next few weeks the blog will be updated. Wishing you all a prosperous new year


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