The positive life

The past few weeks I have been paying attention to my thoughts  and feelings and i noticed that sometimes its difficult to control negative feelings.  I found this article by jack Canfield which um loving and I thought I should share.

Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus
on is what you will attract into your life. This is why
it’s essential to stay focused on your goals.
Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to
maintain focus in today’s world, where we’re
bombarded by negative messages from the media, co-
workers, friends, relatives and even clients.
The good news is that you can take action to shield
yourself from motivation-sapping, fear-instilling
negativity. This article shares 5 easy ways to get

Accept 100% responsibility

The most critical principle to master if you want to
create greater success is to accept 100 percent
responsibility for your life – including the type and
amount of negativity to which you allow yourself to be
Your job is to take care of yourself. This includes
creating environments that are conducive to success.
Take note of how negativity manifests in your life,
and then consider ways that you can reduce your
For instance, do you watch or read the news every
day? Try abstaining, and trust that if anything major
happens, such as a natural disaster, someone will tell
you. At that point, you can choose to read an article
or two to bring yourself up to date.
Do you have well-meaning relatives who urge you not
to follow your dreams because they fear the
consequences of the risks you’ll take to achieve your
goals? You may want to limit the time you spend with
these individuals.
Alternatively, recognize their advice for what it is: an
expression of their love and concern for you. The
simple truth is that many people are blind to their
limiting beliefs and how it colors their view of the
world. Simply thank these well-meaning individuals
for caring enough about you to share their thoughts,
then turn your attention back to your goals.
Tip #2: Release Negative
To attract what you want in life, you must live in a
state of love, joy and gratitude. Negative environments
stir up feelings of fear, anxiety and doubt, which must
be released so that you can return to a higher state of
feeling and vibration.
The Sedona Method , created by Hale Dwoskin, offers a
fast and effective solution to the need to release
negative feelings.
Start by tuning in to the feeling that is disturbing you.
Really feel the emotion – welcome it and let it flood
your body.
Then ask yourself, “Could I let it [the feeling] go?”
Both “yes” and “no” are acceptable answers.
Next, ask, “Would I let it go?” If your answer is “no,”
ask whether you would rather have this feeling or
would you rather be free.
Finally, ask, “When?” This is an invitation to let the
feeling go now. You can make the decision to release a
feeling anytime you want. Repeat the entire process as
often as needed until you feel free of that particular
Most people either wallow in their negative emotions
or they try to resist experiencing negative feelings.
Neither approach works. Use the Sedona Method to
allow your emotions to flow through you, so that you
can return to a positive state

Tip #3: The Evening Review

Whatever you read, see, listen to, talk about and
experience during the last 45 minutes of your evening
has a huge influence on your sleep and your next day.
During the night, your unconscious mind replays and
processes this late-night input up to six times more
often than anything else you experienced during the
day. Use the following process to focus your
unconscious mind.
Sit with your eyes closed, breathing deeply. Ask your
mind to show you where you could have been more
effective, more conscious, more loving, more assertive,
or more of any other characteristic you want to focus
on. (Note: review only one characteristic at a time).
You’ll see that a number of events from the day will
come to mind. Observe them without any self-
criticism. Then take each incident and replay in it in
your mind the way you would have preferred to have
done it. This will help you form the desired behavior
the next time you face the same situation

Tip #4: The Daily Success Focus

Another way to stay focused on your goals and on the
positive is to create a Daily Success Focus Journal.
Each evening, identify 5 accomplishments you made
throughout the day. Next, identify why each
accomplishment is important to you. Then, identify
how you can make further progress in the same area.
Finally, write down a specific action step that will lead
to this progress and enter the to-do item into your

Tip #5: Create Your Ideal Day

Before you leave work or go to bed, take a few
minutes to plan your schedule for the following day.
Doing so sets you up for success, as you’ll be able to
get right to work as soon as you begin your day.
After planning your schedule, take a few additional
minutes to visualize your day going exactly as you
want it. See yourself performing at your best in every
situation you will encounter. This gives your
subconscious all night to work on creating ways to
make it all happen just as you visualized it.
Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no
matter what else is happening. They choose to
concentrate on their success, rather than their
failures, and on the next action steps they need to
take. Use the tips outlined in this article to stay
positive and proactive as you create your ideal life.
Do you find it challenging to maintain your focus?
During my new FREE Success Principles 10-Day
transformation course I’ll provide you with specific
daily actions that will get you closer to achieving your
goals so you can reach a higher level of success.
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