The bitter boss

Have you ever had a boss that picks on you? Nomatter what you do they always find something negative. Its like everyone else’ mistakes are invisible but yours are always highlighted. Well i have been in that situation. Ladies and gentleman i have what i like to call the “horrible boss”. This woman is stone cold a.k.a the queen of ice!!! Think of Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada  and multiply her character a hundred times and there you have it!!!  I am not exagerating  and to be fair i eny Andy because atleast she got to dress well!! I on the other hand, i am an underwriter in an insurance company. No benefits at all. Don’t get me wrong, i am not here for benefits. Three days ago i made a decision that i can be Andy!!! Working for someone who picks on every mistake i made is difficult but i had 2 choices. Either i could moan and groan about my situation every day or i could work 5 times harder, close all my leads and then she won’t have anything to say. I must say the past 2 days she hasn’t found anything to say, i have closed all my leads and done all my qc, everything is on point and polishd and it feels good to have her off my back. I am still looking for another job ofcourse but i feel like this is the one lesson i will always carry to which ever job i move to. 

We are always given options in life but more oiften than not, we choose the negative one because its the easy way. I have realised when we choose the easy way we are actually worsening our situation by adding more negativity to it. Looking at the bright side may be hard at most times but its all our choice. When a person pulls a gun to your head, you either succumb to fear/death or you can surprise that person and take that gun and point it to them(or throw it as far as u can and then run in the opposite direction). Its your choice!!!!

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