Shopping craze!

I woke up today with the shopping craze! The girly girl in me feels like going shopping especially now that i know my salary is in. I have been working part time as my mum’s p.a and tell you what? Its not the best of jobs but the great thing is i get a good salary. The past week i have been super excited about shopping and finally the day has come! It may sound silly but who doesnt get excited about pay day and the prospects of a new handbag, makeup, shoes or just great pair of jeans? Being the impulsive buyer i am, i have to write a list of things i need but trust me it usually gets thrown out the window the minute i see something beautiful thats not on the list.
On that note i would like to state 3 things i am grateful for in my life……malls, salaries &mothers who offer opportunity when the job market is bleak. Starting the day on a positive note and i will take photos of the things i would have bought.

Have a lovely day and don’t forget to write down /think about. 3 things u are grateful for.



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