Epiphany…. for the second time

So this is my second time i am trying my hand at blogging!  Its not like i quit the very first time, what happened is i decided to have a fashion blog. I love fashion but after a few posts i realised i am not the kind of girl who could talk fashion day in, day out. I have a lot of things to talk about too, life, beauty, fitness and just random thoughts. So this is my decision to try again. I wanna talk about everything and just so u are warned, there is going to be a lot of informal writting. This blog is going to be very personal and i am going to use it as a platform to grow as an individual. I am not looking for fame/ followers. I am just looking for personal space (which strangers can access) where i can rant and do whatever and if u relate then you are welcome to follow me:-)

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